Nanako in `A Pie Wish`
Catalog Number tws-44-0099

Our newest Pied Asian Girl is Nanako, a hot Japanese girl (with delicious-looking feet!) She`s an old friend of ours who has already taken several pies in the face but she hadn`t been pied for a couple of years, and she actually e-mailed me saying,`For about a week now I haven`t been able to stop thinking about being pied. I`ll be in a video if you promise to pie me!`

Well, I didn`t really need much convincing, because she`s pretty damn hot. So she came over for a nice relaxing evening of getting pied & gunged. She got several whipped cream pies to her face, also a nice gunging with chocolate syrup, and a healthy helping of honey. And for anyone who also enjoys a bit of wetlook, I shot footage of her being showered off after every couple of pies. And yes, that also means that she `started clean` a few times.

As usual, we used 3 cameras; and one of the angles catches both her face and the soles of her feet while she`s being pied & slimed. For our feet fans: her soles stay clean for several pies, and the first part of the chocolate sliming, then we get her toes and soles all gooey with chocolate and honey (which she LOVED the feel of!) and then we rinsed her feet cleaned clean again for the last pie barrage.

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